Who I am, Why I’m here

I am a stay at home mom of 3. I really have a hard time trying to get out for fun things with all the kiddos, so I began researching fun, simple, and  inexpensive activities for my family to do. I wound up with folders full of information,  and decided to share them here for everyone to benefit. On this blog, you will find everything from ongoing discount days for local attractions like the Oregon Zoo and OMSI, to summer festivals and events,  to simple fun activities to do at home when Oregon decided to downpour on us, again. I am even working on adding ideas for snacks on the go, travel games and entertainment, and a review page, where I,  my 12 year old, my 8 year old, my 15 month old, and my husband will review places, foods, projects, and products to give our honest and varying opinions.

Other than that, I like to write, read, and procrastinate. I fancy myself a photographer, and love annoying my kids by acting like a one-mom paparazzi around them. I like to share info, and I LOVE to receive feedback, so, p[lease, comment and let me know what you think, what I am missing, what I could add, or what you think is the best part of my blog!

And, always, thank you for reading and following!

My family


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